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Change In Nonfarm Payrolls Nov: 263K (est 200K; prevR 284K)

Unemployment Rate Nov: 3.7% (est 3.7%; prev 3.7%)


equities are lower, USD down about 32 points and WTI crude oil 38 cents. Inflation concerns persist. Soybean oil extended their losses day after the EPA officially released their 2023-2025 US mandates. Two major agriculture processing companies already warned
the proposed law could bring slower biodiesel growth. Soybean complex was mixed after the day session open. The grains were lower on end of week positioning and slowing US exports. The US averted a railroad strike. President Biden will deliver remarks and
sign the Railroad Bill at 10:15 am ET. There were no major export develops overnight.




US Delta weather outlook calls for rains returning to the central and northeastern area through Tuesday. Forecast is unchanged for the Midwest and Great Plains. The US Great Plains will see light showers for southern OK & northern TX Sunday and eastern OK
on Monday.  Midwest will see net drying exception southeastern areas on and off through mid-next week. Argentina will be mostly dry though Tuesday. Temperatures will remain above normal. Brazil will see rain through early next week.



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Weather, INC.


  • U.S.
    Delta and neighboring areas of the Tennessee River Basin and a small part of the lower Ohio River Basin are advertised to receive waves of rain next week that will expand the region of saturated soil
    • The
      European models is suggesting 3.00 to 9.00 inches will fall from Monday of next week to Monday, Dec. 12
      • This
        is likely overdone
    • The
      GFS model suggests 1.00 to 3.00 inches and local totals to more than 5.00 inches during the same period (Monday through Dec. 12) with more rain of significance in the Dec. 12-17
    • Rain
      is expected and the ground will remain excessively wet in a part of the described region, but it is still debatable over the predicted rainfall next week
  • Improvements
    in water levels on the lower Mississippi River would result if the heavier rain falls as suggested in the next two weeks, but World Weather, Inc. looks for “some” change in the outlook that may reduce the volume of rain and its timing
  • Argentina’s
    forecast today is still dry biased through the first half of next week with a strong warming trend that will bring back 90- and 100-degree high temperatures later this weekend and into next week
  • Argentina
    will see weak weather systems increase across the nation in the second week of the outlook increasing rain frequency, although initial amounts will be light
  • Brazil
    will continue to receive routinely occurring rainfall that will support normal crop development in much of the nation during the next two weeks